Science behind Glubloc™

Glubloc™ is a revolutionary product for the carb lovers, it is a patent pending scientifically tested proprietary natural plant extract blend, clinically shown to temporarily block the uptake of calories following the consumption of carbohydrate-rich meals thereby lowering the impact of carbohydrate rich foods on the blood glucose and insulin spikes.  

How does Glubloc™ work? 

Glubloc™ works by temporarily blocking the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which is key for converting the complex carbohydrates or starches (ex., rice, potato and corn starch) and disaccharides (ex., sucrose, maltose and lactose) to glucose. In addition, Glubloc™ also reversibly blocks SGLT-2 transporter, which is responsible for glucose uptake from the intestine. This effect is reversible and only lasts for 2-3 hours, making it a safe and effective way to regulate blood glucose levels.   

How is Glubloc™ a superior natural alternative to Acarbose or Metformin. 

Acarbose is a FDA approved synthetic complex oligosaccharide that works by inhibiting several enzymes responsible for the breakdown of complex carbohydrates in the intestine. By inhibiting the activity of these enzymes, acarbose limits the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and the subsequent postprandial increase in blood glucose and insulin levels. Acarbose is therefore used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and other pharmacotherapies for the management of blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. 

acarbose vs glubloc

Enzymatic inhibition assay of alpha-glucosidase (key role in converting complex carbohydrates to glucose) 

Benefits of Glubloc™

The benefits of Glubloc™ go beyond just blood glucose regulation. It has been shown to have other beneficial effects on health, like improved insulin sensitivity and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation up on long term use. These effects may be particularly useful in the management of glucose and insulin spikes post carbohydrate heavy meal, and thereby improving metabolic condition.  

In a clinical study conducted on healthy young individuals, the administration of Glubloc™ 15 min prior to the intake of a 300g carbohydrate-rich rice meal or a 75g sucrose drink has reduced blood glucose spikes by a factor of ~4.5 and ~2.5-fold, respectively when compared to the subjects who received placebo treatment. 

Rice study with glubloc

Change in plasma glucose levels in placebo and Glubloc™ post-meal (300 g of cooked rice meal) were plotted against time for both placebo (black line) and Glubloc™ (green line).

Change in plasma glucose levels in placebo and Glubloc™ post sucrose drink intake (70 g table sugar dissolved in 400 ml water) were plotted against time.  

Glubloc™ is great for individuals seeking to :

  • Cheat meal with less guilt, less carbs & less calories 

  • Avoid glucose & insulin spike post meal! 

  • Maintain prolonged energy levels without glucose crash post meal!   

  • Steady blood glucose levels post meal. 

  • To maintain a healthy gut microbiome! 

  • Makes you feel full. 

Are there any side effects with Glubloc™? 

Glubloc™ is made from natural plant extracts, traditionally used over centuries as culinary ingredients. Moreover, Glubloc™ has been scientifically tested and proven to be safe in animal studies. Using Glubloc™ as per the label recommendations should not cause any unwanted effects. However, if you have any ailments and taking a particular medication, If you are on medication to reduce blood sugar levels or anti-diabetic medication, it is advisable not to take both together. We recommend using this product after consulting your healthcare provider, since it may interact with your existing treatments.